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Your local 2 Bros is: North Finchley, 378 Ballards Lane, N12 0EE.



2BRO'S was founded in 2015 by 2 brothers on a quest to find the best tasting and freshest comfort food. The vision and mission statement is clear, to serve the best tasting Pizzas and Wings that are also visually appealing too.

2BRO'S specialises in Pizzas and Chicken Wings, our two passions. We believe in sustainability, freshness and forward thinking and have put that into the whole idea of 2BRO'S.

Our Chicken wings are coated in our unique and distinct flavors. After weeks and weeks of trials 'which we enjoyed' we have perfected the menu to give you the final contenders to bring you the best flavours from all across the world.

With our Pizzas we have spent time in Chicago and New York learning from the best pizza chefs to give you a wide selection of modern and classic pizzas.

When it comes to desserts the little fat kid in us got excited and we've brought you some treats you won't be able to resist.

We aim to ensure your time with us is amazing from the start to the finish. Welcome Guys!

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